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Luca Mazzanti



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  1. Criminal Law


Luca Mazzanti is a lawyer admitted to practice before the Supreme Court, an expert in corporate and economic criminal law, and has successfully practiced the profession since 1999, when he founded the Mazzanti Law Firm.

Luca is a member of supervisory bodies, as required by the Legislative Decree 231/2001, of important Italian and multinational companies.

Luca is author of numerous reports, publications and monographs in the field of corporate criminal law, penal bankruptcy , criminal taxation and international penal law.

In addition, he has practiced in Switzerland and Spain.

He participates, as a speaker in conferences and congresses, in Italy and abroad, in matters regarding corporate criminal law, penal tax law and, in general, in matters related to corporate criminal law. Speaks Italian, English and Spanish.

Firm description

Mazzanti Law Firm operates mainly in Italy; the main office is in Bologna, with one branch in Milan and one in Ancona.

Our team of professionals are experts in corporate criminal law and in economic criminal law and, in particular, in corporate criminal law, penal bankruptcy, criminal taxation, criminal environmental law and professional responsibilities.

The Firm provides assistance to companies in relation to the fulfilments required by the Legislative Decree no. 231/2001 - Administrative liability of legal entities for offenses - both in relation to the adoption of the Organization and Management Model and with reference to the establishment and implementation of the Supervisory Body.

A section of the Firm is also dedicated to the civil field, with particular reference to industrial law, corporate law, banking law and contracts.

The Firm has assisted, and assists, leading companies nationally and internationally.

In its activity, it collaborates with leading law firms, tax and commercial offices throughout the country, in Switzerland and in the European Union.