Aaditya International – Project PAPL

Aaditya International is one of the leading firms based out of New Delhi, specializing in providing M&A advisory for Small and Mid Cap companies.

Founded by executives with extensive investment banking experience, AI today has a broad network of partners across the globe with a great team of professional experts in mergers and acquisitions.

We are currently searching for ideal targets for an Indian company especially in Europe / USA. The client is a global leader in providing software, engineering, and operational services. The deep technical knowledge combined with strong domain-expertise empowers them to offer tailor-made solutions to customers that can improve business efficiency and fast-track revenue growth.

The company generated sales of c. Euro 100 Million in the previous financial year and reported EBITDA of c. 20 %, The company has witnessed a very healthy year on year growth over the last 5 years and with a view to further consolidate its operations across various verticals they are looking at suitable targets specially in UK and other parts of Europe and USA

The top management is keen to move very quickly on viable opportunities and we therefore would like to invite proposals in this regard as per the broad categories given below:


• IT Services : Specially targets with niche domain expertise for the Telecom

• Additional IT service companies who are leading Cloud Players

Size: Preferred revenue size $ 5 – 40 Million

Preferred Location: US, UK, Europe


• IT Services companies for Broadcasting & Media

• Companies engaged in Data Analytics with healthy revenue and customer base area focus again being – Telecom , Oil, gas, energy etc.,

• Non- voice, transactional BPO companies (Can be for any vertical and not necessarily Telecom focused) – ($3 – $8M rev size)

• Sales force Developer with some portion of service to telecom customers

Size: Preferred revenue size $ 5 – 20 Million

Preferred Location: US, UK, Europe

On receipt of a teaser matching the above criteria the clients would be more than willing to sign an NDA in order to have the Info Memo and we would also share the detailed PPT of our clients.

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