Linklaters and Webber Wentzel celebrate Alliance milestone – 5th year of success

In 2012, in a ground-breaking move, Webber Wentzel and Linklaters created a long-term formal collaborative Alliance. This month Webber Wentzel and Linklaters celebrate the 5 year anniversary of that Alliance.

Alliance Overview

The Alliance provides clients with a combination of legal expertise and geographic coverage which is unmatched by any other international or South Africa based law firm. It is the only legal offering to provide full service coverage across all the main legal systems in Africa (English/Dutch, French, Islamic and Portuguese) with 31 offices supporting clients worldwide as they invest into or out of Africa.

The success of working together through the Alliance is most evident in the complex Africa-related matters the Alliance has worked on, where a bespoke combination of relationships, skills and experience is often required. Since forming the Alliance, over 1000 lawyers across 31 offices have worked on over 500 Africa-related matters.

Together, both firms have advised on numerous headline M&A matters, such as advising Woolworths in respect of its ZAR 23 billion takeover of David Jones in Australia; Al Noor Hospitals Group Plc on the combination of Al Noor and Mediclinic International Ltd; and on Africa outbound investments of listed companies into the Eastern European property market. The Alliance has also added value in advising on banking and project finance matters in Africa where English and US law expertise are key; for example, with its work on the African Bank matter, the second curatorship of its kind under the South African Banks Act and unprecedented on the continent in terms of its scale.

Christo Els, Webber Wentzel Senior Partner, said:

“Having worked with Linklaters for over 40 years preceding the formal Alliance we were confident that the values of our firms were aligned and we were certain of the opportunities that formalising our relationship could bring. Over the past five years we have invested in our relationship and strategically built an incredible platform to ensure exceptional service wherever our clients do business. We are proud of what we have achieved in building our relationship to date and excited about what more we will achieve in the years to come.”

Charlie Jacobs, Linklaters Chairman and Senior Partner, said:

“As a South African, I have real passion for our Alliance with Webber Wentzel. When we set out five years ago our vision was to be able to offer clients the best of both worlds – full service offerings from a leading global firm and from the top law firm in South Africa. As markets and our clients have evolved, the flexibility of this combination has become more relevant than ever, allowing us to mix and match talent from within the Alliance to service clients in South Africa and elsewhere on the continent, as well as worldwide.”

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